About Us - Pacific Gold

we live & work from the cold waters of chilean patagonia, where we produce and export the finest chilean mussels.

our processing plant

From the farms to the market, we are able to know and be part of every step of the process, providing a personalized service to our customers and securing high-quality food safety standards.


We started more than 20 years ago with rope grown farms. Currently, we manage a 50.000 square meter processing plant located in Chilean Patagonia, from where we produce and export the best Chilean mussels.


Our product is harvested directly from the crystal clear waters of Chilean Patagonia. We respect the natural cultivation process of our mussels, So they are packed and cooked the same day of harvest. We do not allow additives or preservation methods.


We are strongly dedicated to deliver healthy and high-quality seafood. All our products are approved by certified sources that guarantee our commitment to protect our natural resources.

our customers

We develop long term relationships with our customers, working together with them in every possible way we can to grow their business.


El Teniente 80, Parque Industrial.
Puerto Montt, Chile.
(+56) 933846881

Nueva Providencia 2155, Providencia.
Santiago, Chile.
(+56) 933846881